• Concerto Chamber Orchestra

    Play the Music, Not the Instrument


    We are a roughly 50 person chamber orchestra targeted towards non-music majors at USC who want to continue to play their instruments. We also greatly value giving our members further opportunities to showcase their talents through soloing with the orchestra and composing new works for our members to play.

  • Composition Competition Submission

    Pay the application fee of $10 here and please submit the required materials to concertochamberorchestra@gmail.com

  • Description


    We are currently seeking new works to be performed during our 2018-2019 season.


    Instrumentation: Chamber Orchestra, String Orchestra, or Wind Ensemble


    Maximum size of ensemble: - - perc (limited), timp, hp, pno, str

    Difficulty Level: Many of our players are non-music majors who studied their instruments privately through the end of high school, so please take that into consideration. There will be at least one advanced player for each instrument who will be capable of playing any solos. Repertoire from previous concerts includes Faure’s Pavane, Saint-Saens’ Bacchanale, and Holst’s St.Paul’s Suite

    Format: Please email scores and parts in pdf format to concertochamberorchestra@gmail.com. 11x17 for scores (may submit 8.5x11 for a string orchestra score) and 8.5x11 for parts. Please also include a recording or mockup (recommended).

    Entry Fee: $10 (through PayPal)

    PRIZE: Performance of the work by Concerto Chamber Orchestra and professional audio and video recordings of the work


    We will choose 4 works to perform this season. Works will be judged primarily based on how well they fit our ensemble’s level.



    Contact email: concertochamberorchestra@gmail.com


  • FAQ

    How often does CCO rehearse?

    Once per week.

    There may the occasional extra rehearsal the week of a performance.

    How many concerts does CCO put on?

    Four per school year.

    How much experience on my instrument do I need to be in CCO?

    At least one year.

    We are open to all levels of expirience (save for beginners), and we're willing to work with you on a case by case basis if you think you'd be a good fit for us anyways! Just contact us at concertochamberorchestra@gmail.com if you're not sure!

    Who gets to solo with the orchestra?

    Soloists are determined by audition.

    We have rolling auditions for soloists each year. These auditions are open to anyone. The level of your piece doesn't matter, as long as you sound good and are prepared to help lead rehearsals of the piece! You cannot solo more than once per school year.

    What is the CCO Composition Competition?

    A call for new works to play during our 2018-2019 season.

    This summer (2018), we decided to put up a call for pieces that fit the unique needs of our ensemble. Please see the above section of our website for more information and to apply.

    Who conducts CCO?

    All of our conductors are students.

    Adhering to our values of being a completely student led organization, all of our conductors are also students, often music majors. Each year, there is an application process for head and assistant music director, and this season's are John Mietus and Sophie Mathieu, respectively. We also feature multiple guest conductors, so there are plenty of conducting opportunities, if that's something that interests you!

    I'm a pianist. Can I still join CCO?


    Some of our music call for keyboard instruments, and sometimes we need pianists for rehearsals with soloists, conductors, or the choir for our final concert. We can't guarantee that you'll be able to participate in every rotation, however.

    I'm a singer. Can I still join CCO?


    Our final concert of the year traditionally includes a choir, and we perform works from the choral-orchestral repertoire. We welcome all singers, regardless of experience!

    What is the CCO Aria Competition?

    A competition for singers to solo with our orchestra.

    We are bringing back our tradition of hosting an Aria Competition for the 2018-2019 season. It will be announced in early September.

    How do rotations work?

    Rotations are a way to make sure all of our wind players get to play every concert.

    We rotate our woodwind and brass players for different pieces, so that we can accept everyone who wants to play with us and give them all a chance to perform on at least one piece per concert.

    Does CCO do anything other than rehearsals and concerts?


    We have several social events each school year, so that our members can get a chance to know each other and bond over amazing music!

  • Executive Board

    Welcome to the team!

    John Mietus

    Music Director

    Shelby Wong


    Daniel Seaman


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